Availability of the code

Web site for Irena is:

Web site for Nika is:

Current, prior, and future versions of the code are available from Github:

Github repository is used for installations for Igor Pro 7 and higher. Igor 6 cannot install from GitHub due to inability to download files using https which Github requires today.

Download latest GithubInstaller_IrenaNika_vX.YY.pxp package from :


Alternative download site is Github :

To test and use my code you can use demo version of Igor Pro - Igor pro will run on computer where it was not installed before for one month as full featured demo. To use this, find computer which did not have yet Igor Pro installed, install the latest version of Igor Pro from, and you are set.

Youtube channel for Irena and Nika

I have Youtube channel for instructional movies. Search for example “Ilavsky Irena” on Youtube and you will see something like this:


The totally weird link to the channel is here:

This channel contains instructional movies how to install the package and how to use different tools. Please, watch it if you need help. It may help you


Over the last few years I have had many courses at the APS and around the world either at institutions or at conferences. These, typically two-day courses, teach how to use Irena. Some news about these courses should be available on:

Instructions for installation

To install the macros, you need to install first Igor Pro (, at least version 8.04, preferably Igor Pro 9.x, or higher. Igor Pro 9 was released in 2021.

Igor 7 Igor 7.08: is last supported by Irena version 2.69 and Nika version 1.82 which are included in February2020 release. Igor Pro 7 was released July 2016 and is not obsolete. Upgrade.

Igor 6 Igor 6.37: is last supported by Irena version 2.62 and Nika version 1.761 - and you need the latest Igor Pro 6 release (6.37). These versions are still available for the APS web site as one zip file and need to be installed manually, see and Upgrade.

Movies with instructions and explanation are available on my YouTube channel.

There are two main ways to install the macros:

Igor 9.x and 8.04 (64 bit)


Download latest version of GitHub installer “GHInstaller_IrenaNika_vXYZ.pxp”, latest version should be available here:

Open the file (in Igor 9.x or 8.04) and select “Install Packages” > “Open GitHub GUI”. GUI (left) and Instructions open.

Push “Check packages versions” to check which versions are available on the GitHub site. Read instructions for what to do and how to pick the right one. This installer enables users to install also defined beta versions and even the current “master” version. But be careful, there are no guarantees that the master is fully debugged. I may be working on it.

Here is expiation of options:
  1. Release version. One or more release versions may be available in the listing of releases. Pick the latest unless you for some reason need prior release. Release version should work and be tested. Check the comments for any specifics related to that release.

  2. If you check “Include beta releases” you can pick from defined beta releases. If necessary, I may define a release beta to distribute updated versions to smaller group of people. This release should work but there may be changes modification which need testing.

  3. If you check “Include beta releases” you can also pick master - “master” is a current latest update committed to depository. My intention is to commit only code which works, but, well, it may be untested or being developed. Check wiki on Github page for release notes. It may give you an idea what has been changed.

Keep in mind that you need xop support for the bit versions (32bit or 64bit) versions of Igor you are using! Do not forget to install them.

Igor 7.08 obsolete version no more maintained.

Follow above instructions for Igor Pro 7.08 (the last released version of Igor 7) using Installer version 1.10: BUT install version denoted as February2020, that is the last Igor Pro 7 tested version. Even that one has some limitations on Igor Pro 7.08 compared to Igor Pro 8.03 and higher.

Igor 6.37 32bit version. Very much obsolete version no more maintained. UPGRADE Igor to higher version.

The only way to install now is the hard way… Manually using the zip file

Get zip file for Irena package AND xops, appropriate for your platform from see and for (Igor 6.37). Place the files in the zip file, following the folders in the appropriate places in the Igor Pro Folder in User area. This location is easiest found by using in Igor Pro in help menu the item “Show Igor Pro User Files”. Note that some of the files belong to Igor Procedures and some in User procedures, keep folder structure as is in the zip file, please…

NOTE: If you had prior installation (before 6.10 version of Igor) : Update Igor Pro (free from any 6.xx version) to the latest version and check for presence of obsolete version :

To load macros, select “Load Irena SAS macros” from “Macros” menu after starting Igor Pro. Whichever method you choose, the macros should work the same.

Please, learn more about full capabilities of the Igor Pro. It is very powerful graphing and data evaluation package. It may be necessary for you to handle data import and handling, data export and some graphing. Further, the macros heavily rely on the data folder structure, so it is important to learn enough to realize the use of this feature…

Please read these comments

Few suggestions first:

  1. Learn enough Igor, that Igor problems do not prevent you from getting results. Igor tour and 1-2 hours playing with it should be sufficient

  2. Read this manual full or in pieces and test what is shown on your own computer

  3. Use folder structure, or things will become way too messy for these tools to be useful

  4. Read supporting literature (especially papers about Unified fit, Reflectivity and other methods) if you want to use these methods.

Comment on pausing work with the macros:

At any time user can end working with the macros by closing associated graphs and panels. There is also command which closes all open windows and panels of this package.