Jan Ilavsky, “Nika - software for 2D data reduction”, J. Appl. Cryst. (2012), vol. 45, pp. 324-328. DOI:10.1107/S0021889812004037. Please e-mail me, if you need copy.

Manual 1.5.3 for Nika version 1.75 for Igor 7.x

Nov 25, 2023

Jan Ilavsky


This is manual for Nika set of macros developed for Igor Pro (Wavemetrics, Inc, Igor 7.0x. These macros are designed to process 2D (CCD and other area detectors) data from small-angle and wide-angle scattering instruments. The purpose is to process (normalize, background correct, calibrate,…) 2D data from experiment and convert these into 1D “line outs” data – providing correctly calibrated Intensity, q (\(2\Theta\) or d), and errors.

Nika was designed to provide number of methods to extract the data:

  1. Sector and circular averages (“cake”)

  2. Intensity along linear and elliptical path (vertical/horizontal lines, line under an angle and ellipse of arbitrary aspect ratio)

  3. Intensity along linear path but for Grazing incidence geometry

  4. Intensity vs azimuthal angle Figure intended for manual inspection of geometry.


These macros represent a collaborative work in progress and it is very likely that not all features are finished at any given time. Therefore, some features may not work fully. Please note, while I try my best to verify the results, no guarantees can be made as to the reliability of these results. Please, verify results in some other way. Please report any bugs to me, I will do my best to fix them ASAP. I provide limited support for users of these macros. Limited means that my time available for this support is limited. If you need help, e-mail Igor file to me with data so I can work on your data.